1957 Eighth Grade Class Trip

On Saturday, April 6, 1957, the eighth grade of Livingston Grade School went on a class trip. Whoever was in charge of planning the stops for this class trip did a great job, and certainly made every effort to insure that this group got to see and do a lot of interesting things in just that one day. A report of that trip was made in the Livingston Enterprise by class members Carol Reynolds and Drucilla Hamilton that says this:

"The eighth grade of Livingston Grade School went to Nashville Saturday, April 6, on their annual class trip. Approximately eighty persons met in front of the Ritz Theatre and left at 6:00 a.m.

"We arrived at the Hermitage around 8:30 where we toured the home of Andrew Jackson. The Hermitage is one of the best shrines in the United States and the only home of a famous president furnished with original furniture.

"We journeyed on to Nashville, and first visited the children’s museum. Here we saw unusual exhibits of animal life, bird life, plant life, Indian relics, historical and scientific displays.

"Next we ate our lunch in Centennial Park. Also visited the Parthenon, as it is located in the park. The Parthenon is the only exact reproduction in the world of the famous temple in Athens, Greece. Its huge statutes and beautiful paintings are some of the outstanding features of the Parthenon.

"We then visited the state penitentiary. We toured the men’s division, but because of a recent murder, we were not permitted to tour it completely.

"The State Capitol was our next stop. Here we visited the governor’s office and attended a session of the youth senate and legislature.

"We next visited the State Museum in the lower lobby of the War Memorial Building. Here we saw exhibits of World Wars I and II. We also saw a two-tailed lizard which came from the vicinity of Livingston.

"We then went to Berry Field Airport. Here we rode passenger planes and saw large commercial planes land and take off.

"From there we went to the B & W Cafeteria where we ate our supper.

"From there we went to the Paramount Theatre and saw the movie, "The Ten Commandments." This picture had a cast of many leading stars of Hollywood.

"We arrived at home at approximately 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning, a tired by indeed a happy group."

Carol Reynolds Drucilla Hamilton
Carol Reynolds and Drucilla Hamilton were the reporters for the 1957 Eighth grade class trip to Nashville.