Recalling the 1950's


Old high school annuals serve as reminders of many things. Who our classmates were, the way we used to look, what was fashionable way back then, who was the most popular, who played sports, who belonged to what club, who the principal was, who our teachers were, and what subjects they taught. It’s fun to look back to a different life. Local businesses advertised in the back our annuals, and I thought it would be fun to list some of those that are no longer in operation. How many of these do you remember, and where were they located? I didn’t realize it until I looked through some old annuals, but addresses of most of these businesses were not included in their ads. Some came from a 1956 annual, and some from the year 1959.

Winningham Service Station - Ray Bilbrey

Modern Dry Cleaners

Sinclair Super Service

Verble Insurance Agency

Williams Cash Grocery

Barlow Brothers

Winningham Shoe Service

Mitchell and Mitchell - Grocery and Feed Store

Collins Grocery

Brown Insurance Agency - C. Ward Brown, Agent

Stockton and Mullinix Grocery

Rachel’s Beauty Lounge

Myers Market

Livingston Flower and Gift Shop

Windle Farm Supply

Livingston Locker Plant

Middle Tennessee Hatchery

Geneva’s Beauty Salon

Averitt and Dulworth Service Station

Southern Monument Company

Dr. Pepper Bottling Company

Wisner Auto Parts Company

7-Up Bottling Company

Webb’s Electric Company

Smith-Winningham Hardware

Baugh’s Department Store

Overton County Flower Shop

General Furniture Company

Marian’s Beauty Shop

Carey Gore’s Service Station

Livingston Dry Goods Company

Brown’s Hotel

Smith’s Auto Sales

M.D. Pennington Grocery and Service Station

Palace Barber Shoppe Beauty Shoppe

Gate City Mills


Bilbrey’s Grocery

Ideal Laundry and Cleaners

Martha White Bread Company

Sells Barber Shop

People’s Dairy

Allred’s Garage

Livingston Tire Service

Simcox and Copeland

Overton County Motor Company

Davis-Norris Drug Co.

Livingston Tractor and Implement Company

Young’s Variety Store

Livingston Dairy Mart

Thurman Averitt Merchant Truck Line

Holman’s Service and Grocery

Gillentine’s Antiques

Turner’s Department Store - Barney Seber

Goolsby’s Service Station

McCormick Motor Company

Leslie Brothers’ Dry Goods

Livingston Shirt Corporation - maker of Fordham’s high grade men’s shirts

Jones’ Jewelry

C & M Grill

Smith-Winningham Hardware Company

Eldridge Printing Company

Bush’s Radio Shop

Holman’s Dry Goods

Jenkins & Darwin Brothers

Church Street Grocery

McDonald’s Grocery

Eley Rexall Drugs

Cedar View Inn

Taylor and Holman

Hunter’s Service Station

B & B Grocery

Smith’s Department Store


Wallace Goolsby owned and operated this service station on West Main Street.  It stood across the street from the Worley Brothers drug store is now.


A Homecoming Parade photograph was included in a 1956 Livingston Academy annual.  The cheerleaders are walking in front of the Smith-Winningham Hardware store that once operated in the building next the the Livingston post office.  The sign advertising Hotpoint appliances can be partially seen at the top of the picture.  The building Union Bank and Trust Company was once located in with some really nice architecture features can also be seen in the picture.  A Boy Scout troup follows the cheerleaders.


The Livingston Academy gymnasium once stood near the present day First Christian Church.  It was completely destroyed by fire sometime in the late 1950's.

Marvin Pennington's business was once located in this building.  Do you remember where it was?


These are the names of just some that were advertised. Most businesses that took out an ad did not have a picture of the building, but others did. Not having a picture makes it a little bit harder to remember just exactly where these various stores were, but sometimes, even with a picture, the location of the business is still uncertain.

Times have changed from the days when each one of these establishments played a part in the services offered to the citizens of the Town of Livingston. Fifty years from now, many of those who are business today will no longer exist, and might possibly be remembered only through a small ad placed in the back of a Livingston Academy yearbook. Some of those who advertised that are still in business today include Union Bank and Trust Company; Overton Farmers Co-op; Livingston Limestone Co.; E.B. Gray Jewelry; Model Barber Shop; Overton County Block Company; Swallows Insurance Agency; Puckett’s Furniture and Appliances; Twin Lakes Telephone; Speck-Hyder Funeral Home; Freeman Apple Oil Co.; and the Overton Motel.