Backyard Visitors

Visitors that often show up in our backyard look similar to these two.


Last fall was the first time they were seen playing in our backyard. There were just two of them on that occasion, but now there are three. My husband was the first to see them as he stood very quietly in the shadows of an evergreen tree that grows next to our deck at the back of the house. They had no idea they were being watched, or they would have fled. Just the other night, they showed up again, this time with a third one joined in the fun. When they come into our backyard, they have a game they play. The idea seems to be that one runs toward other one at full speed just to see how high the one sitting still can jump just before a possible crash of those two bodies. This games goes on for quite some time, and itís hilarious to watch. They take turns being the one who runs and the one who sits still. But you sure canít laugh out loud while you watch this game being played. If they have any idea theyíre being watched, the fun is all over. They disappear to who knows where. I got very excited when I realized there was even one of them in our backyard. Thereís just no way to know for sure, but I want to be believe so badly that one of them might be the one I spent a lot of time last summer observing on the other side of the street. In fact, I wrote a story telling all about that one. Just maybe, the one in my story about didnít go too far away, and was successful in finding another one of his kind to spend out his days with, and the third one .... could it be theyíve started a family??? Iíll never know for sure, but Iíve always had an overactive imagination, so I chose to believe thatís the way it is. If the games continue, and the family stays nearby, who knows how many participants weíll have in our backyard before the summer is over. But you sure wonít hear me complaining about having backyard visitors. Iíll just be happy to believe that my old friend Benjamin Bunny is safe and happy after all, and that he has a family as well!