Quannie's Christmas Card


Tisí the season of Christmas cheer, a time when Christmas greetings are sent in the mail to friends and family alike. Thatís a nice tradition, and one that I think email canít quite compete with. As my journal entry this week, I want to send a Christmas greeting to everyone, especially to those folks who are kind enough to let me know how much they enjoy the stories I write, and that they look forward to reading my journal every week. I also want to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to my son, Michael, for creating and maintaining my website that has all the stories Iíve done. Iím very proud of all the work heís done for me in that regard. Michael, and wife, Kari, and their four children reside in Dalhart, Texas, and even with his busy schedule as an engineer with Union Pacific Railroad, and all that is involved in being the really good husband and father he is, he somehow finds time to keep my website up to date. Iím not only grateful to him for all that he does, but Iím very proud to call him my son.

The message Iím using in my greeting comes from a Christmas card my husband and I received this year from Quannie and Columbus Garrett. Their card had a story printed inside entitled "Footprints in the Snow." Here is the story:

"One white and wintry Christmas Eve in a village long ago,

A young child took a journey, leaving footprints in the snow.

Clutched with her tiny hand she carried a small tattered heart,

Fashioned from some scraps of cloth, wrapped in the charm of childlike art.

A manger scene of wood and straw was the childís destination,

Her only Christmas wish, to join Christís birthday celebration.

She placed her precious handmade gift upon the straw with care,

And before she turned to leave, whispered a simple prayer.

The villagers who stood nearby recall that night with awe,

Retelling every detail of the miracle they saw...

A second set of footprints appeared next the girlís own.

They seemed to walk right by her side, to see her safely home.

But thereís no mystery in the presence of this unseen Friend,

For once Godís touched your heart, youíll never walk alone again."

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year from Josephineís Journal.