The Sewell House near Burkesville, Kentucky


Have you taken a backloads trip in our area lately? If you havenít, youíre missing a real treat. The scenery can be just as beautiful as anything found in the Smokies. A good example is a drive through an area known as Duvall Valley near Albany, KY. Rolling hills and the quiet countryside create an illusion of a slower, more problem-free life.

Hidden away near this area is an overlook and picnic area known as 76 Falls. A wooden footbridge leads to covered picnic tables with paths nearby to the overlook of a waterfall that runs into Lake Cumberland. Springtime would be a perfect time to take along lunch and enjoy the surroundings. Or if dining out would be preferred over a picnic, a good place to eat can be found at a nearby boat dock. The setting for this particular boat dock restaurant/motel has been carved out of a hillside that overlooks Lake Cumberland. The scenery there is also very beautiful.

And for those interested in older homes, a drive to Burkesville, KY, should be planned. Just a few miles north of Burkesville in the community of Waterview is a 100+ year-old Victorian home, and finding words to describe it is not an easy job. Only by seeing it in person can one truly appreciate it. Itís owned by the Sewell family, and was built by the great-grandfather and two great-uncles of the owner of the general store nearby. The construction of this one-of-a-kind home took these gentlemen three years to complete. Much of the wood used is yellow poplar.


 The Victorian home in Burkesville, KY, owned by the Sewell family is a nice home to view during a weekend drive. The home, which took three years to build, is more than 100 years old.


An interesting story is told about how family members saw a home near Nashville and decided to build one like it at this location near Burkesville. A miniature was constructed from small twigs and limbs of a tree, each section marked with different colored thread. The miniature was then dissembled, and when the crafty builders got back to Burkesville, it was put back together again, and the house was built, using the miniature from twigs and limbs as a guide. Lots of gingerbread trim was used and it also has a turret on one side. The home is truly magnificent. A close look at the foundation of the home reveals some very unusual and unique stone work that a very talented stone mason must have done. Several out buildings are nearby, including a well house that has a lot of lattice work.


A closer look at the Sewell home displays the unique craftsmanship and beautiful detail of the house.




An old-fashioned general store is nearby, and it too has been in the Sewell family for many years. Itís an interesting place to browse around in, and the owner is happy to give any information he can on the area.  And if hunger pains strike while in this area, a drive to the top of the mountain that looks down on Burkesville will lead you to a good place to eat. The fireplace in the restaurant there creates a nice atmosphere for dining, and a nice view can also be enjoyed.

The next time you want to just get away for even a couple of hours, just head out in the direction of either Albany or Burkesville, KY, and I feel sure you wonít be disappointed. Exploring whatís right around us can be just as enjoyable as a trip to places like Gatlinburg or the Smokies, and as far as Iím concerned, has lots more to offer with the peace and tranquility of the countryside.


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